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A digital journey never starts and ends in a single field of application. Suppose, you started with a digital commerce platform. Cyber defense is definitely no after-thought.

Next may be digital marketing or internet of things. All these benefit from artificial intelligence.

Invest into mostly overlapping AI technology to empower your favorite data solutions independently?

Your alternative: Predictive Works.

  • Cyber Defense
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet of Things
  • Publishing

Cyber threats are ubiquitous. Cyber criminals and state-sponsored attackers do not care about scale.

The digital era turns us all into worthwhile targets. Finding traces of emerging and unknown threats is costly. Small and midsize business run the risk that attackers are always a step ahead.

Predictive Works offers AI powered blueprints to find suspicious network behavior, predict malware endpoints and more. Incidents are added to your cyber threat graph or sent to your favorite incident response platform for further action.

You monitor your network traffic in real-time, but need to find suspicious anomalies, and understand how these signals are related to endpoints and users?

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Targeting potential customers with guesswork-based campaigns often ends in irrelevant messages and just wastes marketing budget.

Gaining a comprehensive picture of the target audience is costly and a never-ending race. Constantly new first- to third-party data appear on the horizon and promise additional consumer insights.

Innovations such as psychometric profiling open the door to a completely new level of understanding, but leave small and midsize agencies and in-house marketers behind.

Our AI blueprint technology is an opportunity to stay ahead and add new consumer data to your target audience graph or complement an existing data management platform with enhanced capabilities.

Your Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a holistic view, but you need to go beyond, understand relations and retrieve knowledge?

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E-commerce has become the standard method of purchasing. Therefore, leading brands intensively invest into artificial intelligence.

Whether it is about chatbots, customer churn prediction, dynamic pricing or improving user experience with recommenders and visual search, the consequence is always the same: Those applications are out of reach for small and midsize companies.

Predictive Works is a one-stop AI platform that empowers smaller scale business with AI innovations that really matter.

Your customers' purchase decisions are disrupted by negative fake reviews? Need to automatically distinguish between regular and malicious comments?

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Today's needs to integrate sensors and smart devices into production environments to improve processes and increase productivity is no longer restricted to large scale business.

Even small and midsize companies expect competitive advantage and differentiation from better managing risks, monitoring assets and operations, tracking customer transactions and more.

Today's IoT platforms have a strong focus on collecting and visualizing telemetric data from plenty of different sensors, but lack from advanced analytics, e.g. to predict costly downtimes.

Predictive Works empowers existing IoT platforms with artificial intelligence to gain insights from sensor data and e.g. predict and avoid costly downtimes.

You have access to a real-time view of all your sensors, but you need to go beyond and understand whether your production line risks to run into a problem?

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Advertising-based publishing environments are everywhere and continually turn us into worthwhile products for the advertising industry.

As long as attention is today's real currency, reach is the name of the game and tends to result in more fake news and media noise than high value content.

It is a personal concern to help small and midsize media & publishing companies to move to subscription-based business models with a strong motivation to offer high value content and respect readers as customers.

Predictive Works offers AI blueprints to optimize content generation, improve user experience and more. It is an opportunity for small and midsize companies to leave advertising-based business models behind and rebuild fair customer relationships.

You need to enhance your favorite Data Management Platform (DMP) with context-aware recommendations or complement by look-alike modeling?

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