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Campaigns meet Artificial Intelligence

Most internet users believe that ads today are quite illustrative but not relevant.

As a digital marketer, you know that targeting consumers with relevant messages is a never-ending challenge, even if your campaigns are data-driven and all your marketing workflows are automated already.

Constantly new data and analytical procedures appear on the horizon and add more and more promising pieces to your existing consumer picture.

All these pieces of information are highly relevant. But do all these aspects and facts reveal relationships and contribute to a comprehensive picture of your target audience?

Does your Audience Understanding look like this?

Two ways to gain a comprehensive picture

Traditional Approach


Establish AI project team


Discover use case


Perform feasibility study


Fine-tune project planning


Develop data model


Implement prototype


Make production ready


Advise business users


Generate actionable insights

Blueprint Approach


Search market place and find matching problem description


Select recommended blueprints and load into orchestrator


Orchestrate blueprints to match project needs


Upload blueprints to data fabric and fine-tune before execution


Execute blueprints and generate actionable insights

Use Case: AI powered Audience Graph

Predictive Works combines artificial intelligence with a dynamic knowledge graph to help digital marketers gain real audience understanding.

Suppose, you operate a Data Management Platform (DMP) that is advanced and offers artificial intelligence already to generate data-driven insights. But to really create relevant messages, you need to understand how all these aspects & facts are connected.

Closing this gap is easy: Visit the blueprint market place, select relationship profiler that support your data platform, pick the audience graph as your data destination and arrange these components into a data workflow.

Feed Predictive Works' big data fabric with this blueprint and execute it. Then, you are ready to explore your audience graph and understand how your marketing messages become more relevant.

Your running data platform is not artificial intelligence ready yet? Visit the market place and select the blueprints that generate the insights you need.

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