Open Ensemble of Predictive Engines

From audience discovery to one-to-one relationship.
A matter of Predictive Engine orchestration.


Easy to use interface to ingest data, control machine learning and get analytics results.

Machine Learning

Combination of industry proven machine learning algorithms and newest research results.

Big Data Ready

Built on top of scalable open source giants: Akka, Spray, Apache Spark and Elasticsearch.

Predictiveworks.  brings the power of predictions to Elasticsearch.

Reactive by Design

Asynchronous. Concurrent. Distributed. Event-Driven. Fault-Tolerant.

Dive into Predictiveworks.

Association Analysis

Discover and leverage the most relevant
hidden relations in large scale datasets.

Context-Aware Analysis

Leveraging context-sensitive information
is crucial for personalized predictions.

Decision Analysis

Predict the best decisions among
multiple courses of action.

Intent Recognition

Uncover the intents of human behavior and reach the ultimate customer understanding.

Outlier Detection

Find anomalies in large-scale datasets and human behavior for advanced risk reduction.

Series Analysis

Discover and leverage the most relevant
patterns in human activity sequences.

Similarity Analysis

Find relevant similarities in activity sequences and identify customers by their journey.

Social Analysis

Determine and leverage actual trends
from social media in real-time.

Text Analysis

Language-agnostic semantic concept
extraction for semantic targeting.

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